United Way of New York City & Diplomas Now Collaboration Pilot

WINNER: Together for Tomorrow School Improvement Challenge Winners

United Way of New York City (UWNYC) and Diplomas Now (DN) possess years of experience implementing successful, evidence-based programs using community-based organizations to improve student outcomes. However, both organizations understand there is a need and opportunity to further strengthen and develop the role of community partners within schools. As a result, UWNYC and DN are collaborating to implement a pilot program that makes use of critical lessons learned from their existing initiatives and creates an innovative program model that will build school and CBO capacity to develop collaborative relationships. These highly effective partnerships will allow schools and CBOs to provide impactful, holistic support to all students.

As participants in the pilot, CBO staff and school leaders will both receive specialized training and professional development. CBOs will gain an understanding of how to best engage with schools and what actions they can take to be active partners within the school community. Likewise, school leaders will learn the importance of and innovative approaches to partnering with community-based organizations to provide holistic support to all students. Furthermore, both school leaders and CBO staff will receive training in the use of data, developing structured interventions for students, and changing school culture; all focused on building school-community partnerships to improve student outcomes.

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