Red Clay Partnership Zone

WINNER: Together for Tomorrow School Improvement Challenge Winners

In 2010, the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) launched the Partnership Zone (PZ) initiative in an effort to improve student outcomes in the state’s lowest-performing schools. The DDOE identified a subset of the state’s lowest-performing schools. Out of the six lowest performing schools, three are in the Red Clay School District (RCCSD). Our PZ schools need to pursue bold and innovative strategies for comprehensive school reform. As the name implies, schools are expected to work collaboratively with the state, external partners, and the local community to produce measurable and sustainable gains in student achievement. RCCSD expects our Partnership Zone to serve as a national model for collaborative school turnaround. Lewis Dual Language Elementary, Marbrook Elementary and Stanton Middle, were three out of the six schools selected in the state to become PZ schools. Upon identification, teams from each of the three schools comprised of teachers, parents, community members, district personnel and outside experts met over the course of five months to design a plan to turnaround these schools. Many of the elements described within the TFT plan were envisioned during the PZ planning process and became the Red Clay Partnership Zone.

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