Dearborn Community Alliance: A Tremendous Tomorrow-- On the Journey with the Dearborn School to a 6-12 Early College STEM Academy

WINNER: Together for Tomorrow School Improvement Challenge Winners

DCA's Tremendous Tomorrow Initiative is comprehensive program combining direct services with a community organizing campaign, all designed to transform Dearborn Middle School into a 6-12 Early College STEM Academy in the most timely manner, with the greatest degree of community support and comprehensive community transformation possible. DCA partner programs provide direct services to ensure that the Dearborn school meets its Turnaround Targets and that students are prepared for the challenging curriculum ahead. DCA's community organizing approach works to build the leadership skills of parents, teachers, students and community members to engage state and local officials, both at large public actions and small meetings. The result of this is the long-term project of transforming the school and with it, the community.

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