WINNER: Together for Tomorrow School Improvement Challenge Winners

The One Church One School Community Partnership Program links two of the most resourceful entities in the community – the Church and the School.

One Church One School is a community action program designed to assist parents, students, teachers, school administrators and communities in impacting educational, social and personal outcomes for students.

One Church One School is a simple, but effective model: matching one church/ faith based initiative with one school. By providing one school with the power of one faith group’s volunteer corps and resources, a partnership is formed that acts as a catalyst for other community entities to join the partnership. Together they overcome even the most critical problems facing our students, their families and school communities.

One Church One School helps in building bridges to the school and community to develop a partnership of excellence and high expectations. The partnership brings the total community together and encourages its support of students.

At the foundation of OCOS is a fundamental belief that schools must strengthen their relationship with parents and the community –at-large to ensure the development of a healthy, nurturing educational environment. OCOS motivates students, creates an environment within the schools where significant learning can take place and mobilizes community support for education.

OCOS creates a partnership utilizing the “P” Principle to provide resources to assist with the educational program of the school.
The “P” principle (parents, pupils, principals and school personnel, pastors and parishioners, police, politicians, popular personalities, press, professionals and philanthropists) connects the local community to the school.

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